How many times have you heard people checking things off of their “bucket list?” Well, in the case of Jerry Cahill, it’s not a “bucket” list; it’s a “living list.”

In February 2016, Jerry started the 60:60 program to complete his goal of crossing off at least 60 things he’d like to accomplish on his “Living List” in the year he turns 60. He will tackle anything from push-ups in the local gym, to catching a fish in Costa Rica, to snow-showing in Vermont and donating his books across the country. He also aims to raise $3 million to assist those living with cystic fibrosis and to show that age really is just a number—even for those with CF. His hope is to inspire those he meets along the way to start “living their list!”



Attend 6th week NFL game
Sail for 60 minutes at the Atlantic Cup
White Water Rafting
Visit Ireland
Burning Man


60 pushups with 60 friends
60 minute boxing class
60 minute boot camp class
Cyc 60 spn class
SoulCycle in 6 cities


Ask 60 people to become organ donors
Volunteer at a food bank
Coach pole vaulters in 6 meets
Blow out 60 candles on my 60th birthday

...More to Come


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