Ryan's Story: Trying to Live a Normal Life

I am an extremely private person, and for most of my life, I kept my cystic fibrosis diagnosis a secret because I did not want my friends to treat me differently. I was sneaky about taking my medications, and if seen, I would tell friends they simply aided digestion or even throw them away. In my youth, I did not fully understand how important my medication was.

In spite of CF, I have generally lived a normal life. I played soccer, cross country, and track during high school, and have continued running and began playing hockey. My proudest athletic moment was in 1999, when I placed fourth in Division 1 Ohio 4x800 meter relay at 7:55.6 – which is still a school record! As I get older, I have to work harder and harder to stay active, but I am determined to stay healthy.

Ryan on Becoming a Parent

My wife and I recently became the parents of healthy, beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, after a difficult series of genetic tests and a testicular harvest. They were born at 32 weeks and 4 days. We are excited for our focus to shift to the kids and for our family to grow by two.

Even though I am still very private and do not tell many people about my CF, I am happy to share my story and hope it can positively affect at least one person’s hope of having children.

Things I Love: Running, cars, hockey and making improvements around the house
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Chinese
Favorite TV Shows: Burn Notice and Psych
Favorite Sport: Football
Dream Vacation: Somewhere warm and beachy
One Word to Describe Me: Competitive
Advice to People With CF: I would encourage them to never give themselves excuses and to push themselves every day

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