Kayte's Mission

I am on a mission to use the talents and abilities I’ve been given to their greatest potential. Although I cannot control many aspects of my life, I have a desire to work hard and focus on the things that I am capable of achieving.

Kayte on Being an Athlete

I’ve been blessed with some athletic ability, which complements having cystic fibrosis. My goals as an athlete give me motivation to be compliant with my CF therapies. At the same time, being an athlete has become a major component of my care plan, and it has significantly improved my disease outcomes and quality of life.

Kayte on Learning

Finally, I have a passion for learning, and fortunately, health behavior is a growing area of research with plenty left to discover. I am on a mission as a student and professional to help others value their health and wellness.

A Fun Fact About Kayte: I'm a crazy dog lady. I have two Schnauzer mixes, Chance and Millie, who I spoil beyond measure. Chance LOVES to run with me, while Millie prefers to enjoy naps on the couch where she can keep my feet warm. They are the BEST!

Favorite Holiday: Christmas. It includes my favorite things: family, a much-needed break from school, and my favorite foods—peanut brittle, sugar cookies, mashed potatoes and stuffing.

Favorite Food: Mashed potatoes—they go with anything.

Role Model: Several. My mom epitomizes strength and the ability to endure and overcome challenges. My boyfriend, Lucas—his patience and understanding are qualities that I strive to emulate. Abby, my sister, because she fearlessly welcomes challenges. Finally, Brett Favre, because he does what he loves, appears to be a strong leader and doesn’t allow others to place limits on what he is able to achieve.

Dream Vacation: Riding my bike (pedal-powered, that is) across a state that I haven’t visited. It sounds crazy, I know, but I enjoy activities that are physically and mentally challenging, plus I value opportunities to see places I haven’t been able to before.

You can find Kayte on: Facebook

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