My name is Bryan Pendarvis and I was on a podcast with Jerry Cahill in August of 2010 on the topic of CF and Relationships.  The relationship that I was in during the time of the podcast was terminated shortly after.  I am now engaged and soon to be married to my soul mate this October.  I graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor in microbiology in 2011.  I then graduated from Louisiana State University Health Science Center with a bachelor in Medical Laboratory Sciences in 2013.  I am currently working for the Department of Veterans Affairs as a microbiologist.  I love my job because I help treat veterans that have given so much to our country.  I also get to learn about the world of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.  It helps teach me how to approach different infections that affect CF patients, and what antibiotics are used to treat different bacterial infections.  Basically I grow organisms and then see what kills them the most efficiently.  I am doing well despite my CF. I have my good days and bad but I just try and stay positive.

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