Since the podcast, quite a bit has changed! I am now married to my college love, Luis, and we have a ten-month old baby boy named Jack. We are living in New Orleans and we absolutely love it. Amazingly, my health was very stable throughout the entire pregnancy, except for right at the end when I got sick the week of Jack's birth and had to be hospitalized. Having a newborn while being so sick was one of the biggest challenges of my life, but fortunately I had a huge support system of friends and family to help out. After recovering from that, I've been very healthy with just an occasional exacerbation. I didn't know how pregnancy and motherhood would impact my health, but thankfully it has been such a positive experience. I consider Jack my little hero. I'm working a couple of days a week as a pre-op and PACU nurse at a fantastic surgical hospital, and I really love my work and coworkers. The biggest challenge of adding motherhood to an already busy schedule is making time to take care of myself. It can be difficult to squeeze in treatments, and it can be very tempting to skip them after an exhausting day of caring for a baby, but I just keep him in mind as motivation. Skipping is not an option. Life is really very good right now, and I'm so thankful for every day with my incredible family.

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