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My Experience with Cystic Fibrosis

“I want to use this blog to share some of my experiences so that hopefully when you, whoever you are, read this you can see the world as I see it. You can appreciate life as a whole. I want you to laugh and have fun while you read, I do not want you to feel sorry for me, or feel like the world is some cruel unfair place. The truth of the matter is that I was dealt a certain hand of cards, and I am making the best of it.”

Breathe In Podcast

  • Breathe In #98 - The Legal Marriage Question
    This week on Breathe In, Tiffany is on her own again while Gunnar battles his way through final exams. Tiffany is joined by a new voice on the podcast, Holly Seay, 24, from Georgia, a newlywed with CF. Holly takes us through her life with CF and how she met… Listen In
  • Breathe In #97 - Misdiagnosed
    On this episode of Breathe In, Gunnar takes the day off and Tiffany takes over with a returning guest, Audrey Kostelec, 23 from Washington State. You may remember Audrey from the emergency podcast we had on FaceBook Live in March. This time we talk about Audrey and her CF journey.… Listen In
  • Breathe In #96 - The Triple Combo
    A mere few days following the FDA's approval of Trikafta, cystic fibrosis patients across the United States began dosing. This week's podcast looks back at Gunnar's time in the triple combo study. Think of this podcast as a follow to Gunnar's blog over on Gunnar talks about both the… Listen In


  • Opening Up About CF in a New Place
    Talking candidly about cystic fibrosis during the first few days of my freshman year at college was one of the most liberating experiences of my life. It went something like this: My roommate, David, and I lived in a room that was assigned to us via my appeal under the… Read More
  • With School Reopening, How Do I Know I Can Trust My Classmates?
    The truth is I cannot. Competing interests and priorities reign supreme, and that undermines the integrity of any bubble that any place of education is trying to uphold. I empathize with the hesitation to go back to in person learning in the Fall. Although I fully intend to try to… Read More
  • Nice Things Still Happen in This World
    It’s true, in a world filled with chaos, nice things still happen. Yesterday that nice thing was meeting my niece, Winnie. Darcy and I had to wait the full two-week cycle from when Sydney returned home from the hospital before we could see the baby. The wait was borne out… Read More