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About Michael Caruso Davis

From birth through high school, Michael Caruso Davis faced significant challenges due to cystic fibrosis.  His struggle with declining health and repetitive hospitalizations impacted his education, as well as his social and family life.  As a result, Michael suffered emotionally and physically. Introduced to the Boomer Esiason Foundation by his mother Jen, he found inspiration in the foundation’s mission and from Team Boomer Director, Jerry Cahill.  Team Boomer encourages people with cystic fibrosis to live active and healthy lifestyles.  Embracing Team Boomer’s mission, Michael engaged in physical activity starting with the NY City half-marathon for Team Boomer at the age of 14 and progressed to larger and more physically challenging events.  At 16 years old, Michael was the youngest person living with CF to complete a national Marathon for Team Boomer, when he ran in Chicago.  He competed in and completed the Eagleman Iron Man at age 18.  Through exercise, he not only improved his physical health but also found greater connection within the CF community.

Michael has since become a BEF Ambassador actively participating in Team Boomer events and inspiring others in the CF community with his story.  The Boomer Esiason Foundation has expressed the importance of sharing the success of those living with CF and are incredibly grateful to have Michael and his family as part of the team. The Caruso family, led by Michael’s grandparents Dominic and Debbie, states it was an easy decision to financially support the foundation that has played such a fundamental part in their grandson’s ability to not only overcome the challenges of having CF but to thrive while living with the disease. 

The Caruso Family has been an integral part of BEF’s journey. They have supported the Foundation every step of the way and are a large part of why BEF has been able to continue to help individuals in the CF community in the here and now. Most recently, it is their remarkable generosity that made the triumphant launch of the Financial Hardship Assistance Fund and IVF Grant program possible in 2023 ensuring continued support for individuals in the CF community for years to come.