Transplant Grants

Since 2005, the Boomer Esiason Foundation has awarded over $525,000 to more than 150 patients awaiting transplant.

While the cost of transplantation is typically covered by most insurance companies, travel and relocation costs are typically absorbed by the patient’s families. The BEF Lung Transplant Grant Program is one way the Foundation works to give back to people with CF in the here and now, by helping families pay for the expenses that are not covered by their insurance.

Eligibility Checklist

 I (or my partner) am an adult with cystic fibrosis
 I am US citizen or legal permanent resident of the US
 I have health insurance coverage

Application At A Glance

  • Demographic information
  • Background check authorization
  • Most recent tax filings (IRS Form 1040) *to be provided within 2 weeks after notification of
    winning award
  • Signed background check disclosure authorization
  • Proof of CF diagnosis from CF doctor
  • A copy of both sides of applicant and partner’s insurance cards

Other Assistance:

Patient AirLift Services (PALS) is a nonprofit organization that arranges FREE flights for individuals in need of medical diagnosis or treatment. PALS has a network of volunteer pilots who provide this service without reimbursement or compensation, using their own or rented aircraft. In no case are fees of any kind charged for PALS services. For more information or to see if you qualify for this assistance, please contact PALS at 888.818.1231 or email To find out more, go to the PALS web site at

For information on other assistance programs offered for transplant patients and their families, please visit our Resources section.