Jerry Cahill

You Cannot Fail

Jerry’s ultimate goal of ensuring exercise and therapy compliance for those with CF, as well as sharing messages to inspire anyone, no matter their challenges, led him to launch more programs at BEF. His portfolio includes Wind Sprints/CF Podcast a series of brief videos offering tips on exercise, nutrition, traveling and therapies; You Cannot Fail; TRU Heroes CF Nursing Program; Living by Example Mentorship Program; and Big Air Jerry Comic book/Video Series.

Cystic Fibrosis Podcast


  • Coaching Pole Vault is My Passion – and Has Nothing to do with Cystic Fibrosis
    I grew up playing sports with my brothers – anything they did, I followed them and tried it out. Unfortunately – and many other people with cystic fibrosis can relate – I was too small for most of the sports my brothers played.  My freshman year, I didn’t make the… Read More
  • Life is great: I am eight years post-transplant
    Eight years ago, today, I was granted the gift of life – I was saved with a bilateral lung transplant. April 18th has become a second birthday of sorts to me; a day where I celebrate the milestone of living – and appreciating – another year with my family and… Read More
  • Quarantine Life
    Quarantine. Social distancing. Isolation. These words are very familiar to those of us living with chronic illnesses.  I am 63-years-old, eight years post double lung transplant, and immunosuppressed. Living my life regularly can be daunting, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been especially stressful. I live in New York… Read More