"I want to use this blog to share some of my experiences so that hopefully when you, whoever you are, read this you can see the world as I see it. You can appreciate life as a whole. I want you to laugh and have fun while you read, I do not want you to feel sorry for me, or feel like the world is some cruel unfair place. The truth of the matter is that I was dealt a certain hand of cards, and I am making the best of it."

Gunnar Esiason

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Breathe In Ep. 67 - Valentine's Day

Two very special guests join the podcast this week, Gunnar's girlfriend Darcy and Tiffany's boyfriend, Jeff! Leading into the episode the duo asked the Instagram community to direct the conversation, so rather than repetitive about, "how to tell someone new about CF," the chat turns towards diving into some of the guilt people with CF may feel in their lives, what does it mean to be part of the support system, some initial hurdles that come with any relationship (not just one that includes CF), and what friends and family may say to the a person who starts dating someone living with CF. This is a new take on a relationship episode!

Breathe In #66 - Lung Story Short

Gunnar is back on the podcast after his voice has finally recovered! Rima Manomaitis (also known as @Lung_Story_Short on Instagram) joins Gunnar and Tiffany for a Feeding Tube Awareness week podcast. Rima takes the podcast through her double lung transplant process, talks about moving halfway across the country despite failing health and notes that she's had a feeding tube for about 12 years. Tiffany doesn't look back on her g-tube days with any pleasure whatsoever, and even tells a cringeworthy story about getting an Nasal-Gastric (NG) tube placed in the days following her own transplant. The podcast changes directions to talk about dating, body appearance with a g-tube and anything else that can happen with g-tubes, including the time Gunnar's fell out of his stomach in the middle of the night!

Breathe In #65 - Auburn Stevens, Sinuses

Tiffany is joined by a fellow double lung transplant recipient, Auburn Stevens, who has had over 30 sinus surgeries due to cystic fibrosis. The two chat about how Auburn has had 2 lobectomies before her transplant, which is a new concept for Tiffany. Auburn shares reasons for her surgeries of sinuses and a major scary in office procedure where her sinus cavity was expanded with a balloon. Tiffany talks about her first sinus surgery after transplant and her experience with the recovery. Auburn and Tiffany reminisce on all their sinus problems throughout their lives and inform the listeners of what happens in the sinuses with a cystic fibrosis patient. Auburn ends it with advice to those who may need a sinus surgery in the near future.

Recent Posts

Setting a New Goal, 1 Year and 3 Days

A couple weeks ago I wrote about making it through a calendar year without needing to go on IVs for the first time in close to 15 years. Well… that streak was snapped a few days later. No, I didn’t jinx it and no I didn’t bring it upon myself. I had been fighting a

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Monday Morning Thoughts: Welcome To The Team, Phages

It’s a holiday today, (which… does anyone else think it’s kind of weird that we celebrate the executive office of the federal government, especially since our entire existence as a nation is predicated on the idea that no single person should wield too much power?), so that means you get a quick Monday Morning thoughts.

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Family Building Friday: The Walker Family, Pregnancy and CF

Adam and I met the summer before my freshman year in high school and briefly dated for a few months that fall. We ended up breaking up but remained friends throughout the years. When I graduated from high school we crossed paths and started to date again and 6 years later Adam proposed and we

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