Announcing the 2019 Sacks for CF Scholarship Recipients!

The Boomer Esiason Foundation has awarded prestigious “Sacks for CF” academic scholarships to 30 outstanding students with cystic fibrosis.
Through the NFL season, longtime BEF partner Abbvie makes a donation to the BEF Sacks for CF scholarship program for every quarterback sack recorded during NFL Monday Night Football games. Then, these funds are awarded to college students with cystic fibrosis based on academic achievement and adherence to daily CF therapy.

The Sacks for CF scholarship winners for this year are: 

Kaitlyn   Rose                   Stanford University
April   Zoppa                   Belmont University
Margaret   Murphy                  Auburn University
Alexander   Remington                  Gettysburg College
Samuel   Neff                   Dartmouth College
Samantha   Johnson                   University of California, Los Angeles
Lise Courtney   D’Amico                   The University of Chicago
Emma   Bush                   Michigan State University
Nicholas   Kendrick                   University of South Carolina
Sydney   Brewer                   Pennsylvania State University
Angelica   Rock                   University of California, Los Angeles
Francesca   Weis                   Louisiana Tech University
Lexi   Cottrell                   North Carolina State University
Madeline   Poranski                   University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Jessica   Jilovec                   Baylor University
Michael   Miccioli                   Harvard University
Emily   Schutz                   Florida State University
Taylor   Brown                   Saint Norbert College
Kevin   Reis                   Missouri University of Science and Technology
Emily   Hethcox                   Auburn University
Elizabeth   Sullivan                   The University of Texas San Antonio
Ambrose   Bean                   Ave Maria University
Benjamin   James                   Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Tovah   Duffaut                   Colby College
Maclin   Rung                   Duke University
Cameron   Curl                   Middlebury College
David   Carpenter                   Franklin College
Ashley   Sanchez                   Miami Dade College
Lara   Marsh                   University of Nebraska – Omaha


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