New Podcast: Colleen Caul’s ‘Run for Roses’

The latest video podcast from the Boomer Esiason Foundation traces Colleen Caul's "Run for Roses" — her 65-day running journey from St. Louis to New York City. Caul's project, inspired by her little sister, Katie Rose, aims to boost awareness of cystic fibrosis, raises funds toward a cure, and share stories of the CF community.

Caul started running in 2004 after seeing the positive effect running had on Katie Rose's health. Since then, Caul has completed four marathons and the “Run for Roses." She founded the Run for Roses Foundation ( to support her efforts to raise funds toward a cure for CF.

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This “LIVING. BREATHING. SUCCEEDING.” Podcast/Vodcast is made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Genentech to the Boomer Esiason Foundation.

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