CF Podcast 166: Cystic Fibrosis & Mental Well-Being

Currently residing in North Carolina, Adriane and her husband, Peter, are parents of three children: Alexis, 7, Andrew, 4.5, and Olivia, who passed away six years ago from a rare heart disease. When they found out that Andrew had cystic fibrosis, they leaned on close family and friends and reached out to other CF parents. They work every day to answer the question, “How do I raise my child while he deals with his chronic illness every day?”

With hard work and the knowledge that treatments are non-negotiable, Adriane has encouraged her son to teach his friends and classmates about cystic fibrosis. He is now a 3-year-old CF advocate.

Tune in to Cystic Fibrosis & Metal Well-Being to hear more about Adriane’s journey as a CF mother.

This podcast was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from GILEAD to the Boomer Esiason Foundation.