Congratulations to the 2012 Rosemary Quigley Scholarship Recipients!

The Rosemary Quigley Memorial Scholarship honors a remarkable woman who achieved her personal, educational, and professional ambitions in spite of the constant presence of cystic fibrosis in her life. Rosemary was a devoted wife, friend and family member, and had a certain predisposition for travel and adventure. She relished the challenges and enrichment of her academic studies at Harvard and Michigan that, along with various internships, governmental appointments, and fellowships, led to her career as a medical ethics professor and health policy attorney. Rosemary’s refusal to allow cystic fibrosis to hold her back from living fully was one of her most defining characteristics. In fact, she once wrote: “I am discouraged by people who confer admiration on my most basic accomplishments; I seek supporters who never think I have done too much, who will push me further for as long as possible. I focus my spirit to outlast my withering body.” Rosemary passed away at the age of 33 in 2004. In her memory, Rosemary’s husband, family, friends, and colleagues established this scholarship program to enable and inspire young adults with cystic fibrosis to engage in academic studies that will lead them to lives and careers of personal and professional fulfillment.

Tess Dunn of Santa Cruz, California, has been awarded a $2,000 scholarship from the Quigley family. She graduated high school with a 3.67 GPA while working hard in the classroom and staying involved in community service, dance, as well as being a singer and songwriter. Dunn is headed to California State University at Monterey Bay and will major in Interdisciplinary Human Communications. 

Kiersten Cash is also the recipient of a $2,000 scholarship which will help her cover tuition at the University of Florida, where she has been accepted into the Honors Program. Her mother, also a CF patient, taught her from a young age how important compliance and discipline are. Cash plans to double major in Political Science and Economics and eventually go to law school.

Thomas Kerekes was awarded a $1,000 scholarship which will provide financial assistance for him at the University of Georgia. The College Board presented him with the AP Scholar with Honor Award for his performance on his AP Exams over the past two years. Kerekes plans to work in basic sciences in order to understand the genetics of chronic disease pathology and eventually earn a graduate degree.