Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 36: Richie Keane Interview

Richie Keane recommendation to all people with CF: “Stay Clear?…

Jerry Cahill interviews Richie Keane who is 49 years old and “loving and respecting life? Richie grew up in Long Island, NY and is one of 9 children (3 out of 9 have CF – one sister Valerie passed away and Jen Davison is doing well and recently did a podcast)

– Richie grew up in Baldwin, NY.
– Diagnosed at birth “I was a purple baby?
– Richie was very active growing up playing football, baseball, and golf.
– “I started getting sick around 18 years of age and had pancreas surgery at age 30? states Richie.
– The biggest challenge Richie faces is that his breathing has gotten tougher, the complications that develop from CF, and all the time involved doing medications.
– Complications that Richie has experienced include: diabetes, pancreatitis, and osteoporosis (broke over 30 ribs)
– Richie states: “living with CF is tough but I love life and CF has taught me to respect life?
– Richie has been married for 18 years to his wonderful wife Maryanne – she is a “special person? he states.
– Listed for a double lung transplant Richie’s dog “gets me off my butt? and keeps him active prior to transplant.
– Richie’s advice: “keep your chin up, enjoy life, and take the time to get your lungs moving to keep them clear?