Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 4: Michael Marten’s Lung Transplant Interview

Jerry Cahill Interviews Michael Marten

About three years ago Michael Marten received a double lung transplant at Duke University. In this interview Michael discusses his life experiences both pre and post transplant with host Jerry Cahill.

Michael Marten Background Information

  • Age 45 -will be 46 in May
  • Those crazy “Mist Tents”
  • 4 Years Old when diagnosed
  • Fairly normal life until graduate school (St. Johns University).
  • 1991- Graduated Grad School
  • 1993- Started to Repeated infections (Disability from work)
  • 1996- First put on oxygen
  • 1999- Put on oxygen full-time
  • 2001- Duke University Evaluation
  • 2002 -July, Michael Moves to North Carolina with Family
  • 2002-August 1, Goes to hospital for transplant
  • 3 Years Post Transplant-Still Going Strong

Importance of Family Support Mechanism

Jerry Interview Questions