Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 44: Cystic Celebrates 10 year Anniversary.

Cystic Celebrates 10 year Anniversary.

Jeanne Barnett, former computer math teacher and now President of, talks about her site and how “it is a support community for those dealing with cystic fibrosis” Launched in 1996 with a friend who had CF, the site was started as an experiment but evolved into a major resource for the CF Community that gives people the opportunity to discuss CF with others. is a public website and you do not have to sign up.
The site has over 117,372 messages as well as 11,112 threads and 3,396 users
1. Jeanne reads every message and the site has over 1,000 visitors per day
2. Cystic ( is a “place to share and celebrate life!” states Jeanne Barnett.
3. The website is global and includes: forums, blogs, faq’s, library, kids, CF Center info, photo galleries, recipes, and a section for newly diagnosed.
4. The forums include topics on adults, families, new diagnosed, nutrition/exercise, transplants, and teenagers/young people.
5. Jeanne is passionate about her site and states; “The CF Community is ONE family and we are here to support and inspire each other”