Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 48: Keith & Kyle Connolly Interview

With the help of today’s therapies, cystic fibrosis (CF) patients are now living longer and achieving more than ever before. Pulmonary treatments are enabling individuals with CF to pursue their dreams by entering college and the career world

Keith and Kyle Connolly, 21-year-old twin brothers and college students with CF talk about transitioning into college and adulthood. Keith and Kyle talk about growing up with CF and the lessons they have learned as they become more independent and responsible for their own health care. Keith and Kyle’s mother, Linda Hood, also shares her perspective on raising twin boys with CF and learning to “let go.?

Keith and Kyle discuss the importance of taking responsibility for their CF health care while maintaining their busy college schedules.

Highlights from the Podcast include:

  • Preparation and compliance are integral in making a successful transition into adulthood with CF.
  • The keys to staying healthy are compliance to medications, therapies, and exercise.
  • Time-management in college is crucial for maintaining health and quality of life.
  • Prior to moving away to college, begin to transition into self-ownership of health care.
  • It is important to maintain a relationship with your CF Center.
  • For parents – instill realistic hope within your child, and raise him or her to be independent; through age-appropriate responsibilities related to their health care.
  • When children leave the home, parents should have confidence in how their children have been taught to care for themselves.