Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 5: Laura Cianci Home Infusion Nurse

Jerry Cahill interviews Laura Cianci

Laura Cianci has been a Home Infusion Nurse for the past 16 years working with patients with acute illnesses. Home infusion therapy offers flexibility to both the patient and the nurse.

  • Laura has many CF patients that receive numerous antibiotics and steroids by IV.
    Patients can start home infusion care as young as 18 months
  • “I love my patients, they are the reason why I do what I do?
  • Laura states: “It’s important to mobilize the secretions, not only through IV antibiotics but also through postural drainage?
  • Laura believes CF patients need to be more pro-active in their care.
  • “I have learned to appreciate life more after working with my patients and seeing the fortitude they have for life…
  • Laura states: CF has an effect on the entire family