Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 75: Living with CF is All about Teamwork

Gunnar Esiason, a 17-year-old with cystic fibrosis, is a high school senior. Gunnar is actively involved in sports, being compliant, gearing up for college, and a team player in all aspects of his life.

  • Gunnar was diagnosed at age two and lives on Long Island with his family.
  • “CF has obviously shaped my life but does not get in the way of my being a normal teenager,” Gunnar says.
  • Like an athlete in team sports, Gunnar has a team of doctors and health care providers to make sure he is on top of his game.
  • “My CF team consists of my physician, dietician, nurse, respiratory therapist, social worker, and sometimes specialist in other areas as CF affects other parts of the body,” he explains.
  • “Besides my medical team, my family and friends are also a big part of my team. The more they know about me, the better they can help, and I can win the battle with CF.”
  • Gunnar believes that being honest and truthful with your team is the key to succeeding in life and with cystic fibrosis.
  • Gunnar’s advice to others with CF: “Always communicate with your CF team. The more info you can give, the more your team can help you maintain good health, especially as you become more independent and move on to college.”

This podcast was made possible through and unrestricted educational grant from EURAND to The Boomer Esiason Foundation.