Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 90: Fundraising For A Cure

Gwen Shusterman discusses various ideas on FUNDRAISING for a cause.

This year Team Boomer – Fighting Cystic Fibrosis will have over 100 runners competing in the ING New York City Marathon – ALL will be running and fundraising for a cause.

Team Boomer – Fighting Cystic Fibrosis was set up through the Boomer Esiason Foundation to help raise funds for the fight against cystic fibrosis and raise awareness to the importance of exercise for people with CF.

Team Boomer’s goal is to improve the “quality of life” and “lifespan” of individuals with CF through the power of “daily exercise.” As therapeutic developments increase the lifespan of CF patients so does the need for further education in the area of exercise.

  • Gwen believes there is no secret to fundraising: “It’s an art and partly as science … fundraising is personal so you have to do it in your own style.”
  • “Come up with a game plan: First think of a target number and then think of EVERYONE you know who you can possibly approach,” Gwen advises.
  • Think outside the box. “People are going to surprise you. All those people I said to put on the list – the acquaintances, your kid’s friend’s parents, an old boyfriend/girlfriend, the person you met at a conference last month – they all add up,” Gwen says.
  • Once you have your list together the next step is setting up a First Giving page:
  • “Next take your list and send out an email blast with your fundraising page info to ALL your contacts,” Gwen says.
  • Other ideas for fundraising include special events such as happy hour at a local bar, golf events, school events, and many companies have “matching gift” programs.
  • Why can’t I tell people what my minimum is? “Really, if you entered this kind of event (marathon) then I doubt you’re the kind of person who just settles on the minimum,” Gwen says.
  • A lot of work? “If you mean does fundraising take time – yes it does! To be successful you have to personalize your story and it’s really important to start early!”
  • Final thoughts: “I think anyone who is willing to do something like join TEAM BOOMER is amazing. It takes a special person to make this kind of commitment. Use your passion. Good luck!