Cystic Fibrosis Wind Sprint 12: Using the FLUTTER® Device for Airway Clearance

Episode 12 of the CF Wind Sprint series demonstrates using the FLUTTER® device for airway clearance.

The FLUTTER® mucus clearance device is shaped like a pipe with a hardened plastic mouthpiece at one end, a plastic protective, perforated cover at the other end, and a high-density stainless steel ball resting in a plastic circular cone on the inside.

The principle of the FLUTTER® as a mucus clearance device is based on its ability to: (1) vibrate the airways (which loosens mucus from the airway walls); (2) intermittently increase endobronchial pressure (which helps maintain the patency of the airways during exhalation so that mucus does not become trapped as it moves up the airways); and (3) accelerate expiratory airflow (which facilitates the upward movement of mucus through the airways so that it can be more easily cleared).

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