Cystic Fibrosis Wind Sprint 25: Club Cystic Fibrosis

Episode 25 of the CF Wind Sprint series focuses on Club CF, a website featuring stories about adults around the country who are living, breathing and succeeding with cystic fibrosis.

Despite the popularity of social media, there are few online venues where people with CF actually can tell their own stories and feel as if they are making real connections. Club CF bridges this gap — it’s a website that allows people with CF to open up and share some very personal stories with others who may be able to relate to their experiences.

In addition, Club CF provides inspiration. Young adults with CF now can look to people in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s who are living full lives despite the disease. CFers of all ages can go there to find people at the same stage in life who are finding ways to deal with similar challenges. And everyone can draw inspiration from the stories of caregivers, often the unsung heroes of the CF community.

It’s easy to join Club CF — just share your story with us as

This CF Wind Sprint was made possible by a grant from Genentech.