Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 110: Colleen Caul’s ‘Run for Roses’

Colleen Caul was born into a big Irish family in St. Louis, Mo. Growing up, Colleen was always active, but her whole life changed in 2004, when her uncle started to coach her little sister, Katie Rose — who has cystic fibrosis — how to run. Elated to see the positive effect that running was having on her sister’s health, and inspired by their dedication, Colleen started to run.

In the past five years, Colleen has completed four marathons and recently completed the “Run for Roses,” a 65-day running pilgrimage to spread awareness, raise funds and share stories about cystic fibrosis.

Colleen founded the Run for Roses Foundation ( to support her efforts to raise funds toward a cure for CF.

  •  In honor of her sister, Katie Rose, Colleen ran from St. Louis to New York City from July to September 2011. She ran 1,000 miles in 65 days for one dream: to cure cystic fibrosis.
  • Colleen ran 15.5 miles each day, and her stretching routine was about three hours a day. She ate Starburst candy for energy during her runs and refueled with chocolate milk.
  • During the 65-day run, Colleen blogged with friends and fans. In Ohio, she had the opportunity to run with a family that has two children with CF. “It was amazing, they both ran four miles with me,” Colleen says.
  • “People with CF never have a day off … when things got tough during a run, I just thought of that and said I can do it!” she says.
  • “Crossing the finish line in New York City was incredible,” Colleen says. “Katie, family and friends joined in for the last five miles – it was an out-of-body experience that I will never forget.”
  • The overall message Colleen wants Run for Roses to communicate is HOPE & POSITIVITY.

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