Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 117: HelpHOPELive Assisting the CF Community

In this episode, we talk with Lynne Sampson, Executive Director and CEO of the Pennsylvania-based non-profit HelpHOPELive. Lynne and her team at HelpHOPELive are passionate about providing assistance to transplant and catastrophic injury patients, helping to bring down the cost of medical expenses.

  • HelpHOPELive works to mobilize communities in their efforts to raise money for transplant and catastrophic injury patients around the country, thereby helping the patients cover the difference between what insurance can cover and what the family can pay.
  • HelpHOPELive teaches communities how to fundraise and encourages everyone in need of help to engage their communities early.
  • Last year, the organization oversaw 572 online events for patients
  • Through HelpHOPELive, communities raised $8 million in 2011
  • Sampson says many times communities want to help, but don’t know how to do it.
  • Using HelpHOPELive, patients will be able to keep all funds raised as tax-deductible, meaning the funds will not count towards your income.
  • All funds raised through HelpHOPELive are secured by the organization’s financial team, providing donors a sense that their donations will be accounted for and used for their intended purposes.
  • Patients using HelpHOPELive also qualify for additional grants, including HelpHOPELive matching grants

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