Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 134: Traveling with Cystic Fibrosis Pre and Post Transplant

“Traveling with Cystic Fibrosis Pre & Post Transplant” – Anna Modlin

Anna Modlin, 32 with CF, born and raised in the Bay area and had a double lung transplant on November 22nd 2010. Anna was diagnosed at 18 month of age, had a fairly normal childhood, hospitalized for the first time at 4 years of age and then not until junior high school. Anna graduated with a Masters in Counseling Psychology and her hobbies include cooking, spending time near water, and post transplant has become passionate about exercise. Anna, a true fighter, competes in the Transplant Games and gives back by volunteering in the CF community. Anna is LIVING BREATHING SUCCEEDING, passionate about living and “The hero of her own story…”

  • Anna prepares a travel list before ever adventure.
  • Some things on the list include: Mira Lax, masks (N95), hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and an extra lithium battery for her glucose meter.
  • Anna always “carries on” her medications, has a letter from the doctor, washes hands frequently, and only drinks bottled water on trips (never tap water…). “Also I carry extra scripts…” states Anna.
  • Anna will always request a refrigerator at hotels but if not available will use an ice bucket at hotel.
  • Insurance… just in case there is a problem with flights or getting sick while travelling, Anna always purchases travel insurance. Anna likes Travel Guard. (
  • Sinus issues? Anna travels with Neil Med saline packets for sinus rinses and uses distilled water.
  • “Since constipation is common for normal people when travelling, people with CF should use Mira Lax to help combat this problem.
  • Anna’s Travel Tips
    • Before: check list & chargers/adapters, and pre board.
    • During: Hydrate, Snack, Positive attitude
    • After: Rest

This “LIVING. BREATHING. SUCCEEDING.” Podcast/Vodcast is made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Genentech to the Boomer Esiason Foundation.