Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 137: CF and Exercise with Low FEV’s; Lizz Kaup

“CF and Exercise with Low FEV’s” – Lizz Kaup

Lizz Kaup, 34 with CF, born and raised in California and currently living in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Lizz was diagnosed at age 3 and is currently working as a senior social worker at a medium-secure juvenile facility and recently completed her program at East Central University.

Lizz is active in her church and loves to travel. Lizz is always on the lookout for her next adventure. Due to her low FEV’s, Lizz exercises with oxygen and is RELENTLESS in her quest to stay fit and beat CF. Lizz has found that through the “power of exercise” she cannot fail with CF.

  • Lizz was hospitalized a lot growing up between the ages of 13 – 18 but states “My parents were amazing and taught independence”.
  • Lizz started to exercise consistently due to the decline of her lung functions to help delay a double lung transplant. Lizz made a commitment to exercising by doing treadmill for 30 minutes, 7 days/week. “It was difficult but I noticed slow improvement in my strength.
  • Lizz currently does weight training, treadmill, and biking.
  • “For me, the rewards of exercise include muscle tone, breathe a little better, and more energy”.
  • Lizz did her first 5K event, the Dirty Thirty. “It was a mud run (with obstacles) and I did it with my oxygen tank”.
  • “Coping with CF is not always easy… but I maintain a heart of gratitude, thinking of the good things in life and the great support of my family” states Lizz.
  • Lizz’s Tips:
    • “Just start”
    • “Have a support staff”
    • “Faced with challenges… ALWAYS look for the silver lining”
    • “ Continue to fight!”
    • “Life is an Adventure… GO for it!”

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