Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 84: The Gerofsky Family – Remembering Brian – A Wonderful Husband and Loving Father

In this riveting video interview, Brian Gerofsky’s wife and two sons share his story only months after he succumbed to CF in May 2009 at the age of 57.

  • Debbie was married to Brian for 26 years and has two wonderful sons — Evin (22 years old) and Alex (19 years old).
  • “Brian was funny, loving, smart, passionate … and to know him was to love him,” Debbie says. Brian always called Debbie his soulmate, and his song for her was Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.”
  • Brian was very private, independent and compliant with his CF care, as he did not want to burden his family. “We lived our life around Brian’s CF but did not let it stop us from LIVING!” Debbie says.
  • The Gerofsky family did a lot together, enjoying the beach, museums, music, dance and Broadway shows. The family meant everything to Brian. He believed in hard work and LIVING YOUR LIFE!
  • Debbie, Evin and Alex believe the most important thing in a family dealing with CF is “open communication and respecting each other’s feelings.”
  • Evin and Alex admired their dad’s strength and the fact that he was always there for them. “If my dad was here right now I would like to tell him THANK YOU and I love you very much,” they said.

This “LIVING. BREATHING. SUCCEEDING.” Podcast/Vodcast series is the 6th in a series of 12 made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Genentech to he Boomer Esiason Foundation.