Teen with CF Educates Multicultural Populations About Organ Donation and Coping with Serious Illness

Super Power of Positivity by Tyler NelsonTyler D. Nelson, 17, knows all too well what it is to worry. At just two days old, Tyler was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and is currently waiting for lung and liver transplants at Texas Children’s Hospital.

But despite the challenges he faces, Tyler has managed to turn a negative into a positive. In an effort to promote organ donation and to help chronically ill children cope and improve their quality of life, Tyler has written an e-book to be given away for free online. He created the book to provide helpful tips and free resources, and to educate teens and adults on the importance of positivity and how teens can help save lives, too.

“I look at my life as a positive,” Tyler said. “I noticed that most chronically ill patients let their disease or illness take over their life and mindset. I don’t do that and I thought this free e-book cold help someone else live a happy and full life while they wait for a miracle,” he said.

The e-book, titled The Super Power of Positivity, is available as a free download on www.giftstotyler.org and other partner websites starting August 1, 2011, which also is National Minority Donor Awareness Day.

In an effort to promote organ donation, Tyler and his family also have started the “Show Me Yours Campaign.” This campaign was launched to help promote organ donor registration amongst teens and young adults.

To learn more about Tyler’s story and download a copy of the e-book, please visit www.giftstotyler.org. To show your support for the Show Me Yours Campaign, please visit showmeyourscampaign.blogspot.com.