Updates on Sarah Murnaghan and Pediatric Lung Transplant

Video Source: CNN


After six months in the hospital and after two double lung transplants, Sarah is finally returning home


Sarah Murnaghan, a ten year old with cystic fibrosis, has been fighting for her life in the hospital for almost two years – in desperate need of a new pair of lungs. Because she is under the age of 12 and because of the organ allocation system rules, she has not been allowed to be placed on the adult transplant list.  But, after a long, hard fight, the Murnaghan family finally achieved their goal: to win an emergency motion that suspends the current donor rule. Judge Michael Baylson has issued a temporary restraining order after hearing arguments Wednesday (6/5) afternoon. This temporary order instructs the Department of Health and Human Services Secretary to tell the group that oversees the transplant list to stop the application of the 12 and under rule in Sarah’s case. Ten days from now, there will be another hearing on the case. 


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Source: MyFoxPhilly.com