CF Awareness Month 2011: The Power of Exercise

Each year, the month of May is singled out as CF Awareness Month. It’s an opportunity for the cystic fibrosis community to share information about the disease and to get more people involved in efforts to find a cure.

This year, however, the Boomer Esiason Foundation has decided its CF Awareness Month campaign will focus on you, the CF community. Specifically, BEF wants to introduce the CF community to the power of exercise.

Decades ago, children with CF were considered to sick even to play outside. Today, however, we know that staying active is critical to staying healthy, and doctors agree that exercise can add years to the life of a person with CF.

The Boomer Esiason Foundation believes exercise must be a part of every family’s arsenal for fighting CF. That’s why, during the month of May, we will share with you a variety of information, tips and opportunities to help you get motivated to start an exercise routine, or, if you already exercise regularly, to step it up a notch in terms of your goals and commitment.

Throughout the month, we will share a brief video, podcast or other information related to exercise on our Facebook fan page and on our website. We also will show you how Team Boomer is working to encourage people both inside and outside the CF community to “Run for a Cause,” and how you can get involved in this popular and important program.

We hope our efforts during CF Awareness Month will encourage you to commit to a regular exercise program. Because together – through the power of exercise – we can beat this disease.


May 4: CF Wind Sprint: Cardio Exercises

May 16: Run for a Cause: Set – and Achieve – an Exercise Goal

May 18: Video Podcast: Life After a Lung Transplant

May 25: CF Wind Sprint: Using the PowerLung

May 31: Slide Show: The CF Community Exercises!