Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 14: Dr. Jamie Wells is More Than “Just a Doctor” By Giving Patients a “Positive Experience and Making Things a Little Easier…”

Jerry Cahill interviews Dr. Jamie Wells

  • Dr. Wells grew up in Philadelphia before attending YALE UNIVERSITY majoring in American Studies.
  • Dr. Wells attending JEFFERSON MEDICAL SCHOOL in Philadelphia where she started out specializing in brain surgery prior to focusing on
  • “Medical school = one paragraph on cystic fibrosis… all training comes from hands on at a CF Center? states Dr. Wells
  • As an infant with CF: “Burden on parents to understand and deal with everything all at once?
  • Dr. Wells states: “The teenage years are the most challenging as the typical teenager is not compliant?
  • “Doctors and CF patients must have a PARTNERSHIP?
  • Dr. Jamie Wells states: Due to the prognosis of the disease, “cystic fibrosis patients are dynamic and grow up very very quickly…?
  • Dr. Wells strongly believes: “People with CF need someone to look up to and see that there are people living at age 49…?
  • Regarding Stem Cell Research: “I am an advocate of anything that is going to advance science?
  • Dr, Wells Rx for people with CF: “Be consistent with med.’s and therapy, even when you are feeling well, and maintain an optimal nutritional state so you can fight infection?
  • “I am honored and privileged to know patients and their families with this disease… people with CF really get what is about to be alive!?