Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 15: Jerry Cahill Talks with Former Co-worker Maggie Talboy about Working as a VP of Sales and Living with Cystic Fibrosis.

Maggie Talboy interviews Jerry Cahill – “Better Living Through Chemistry”

  • “My life is not about the cystic fibrosis… it’s about living and enjoying everyday!?
  • Jerry was diagnosed at age 11 after several hospitalizations for pneumonia.
  • Jerry comes from a very athletic family that includes 4 brothers and 1 sister.
  • Jerry attended Xaverian High School in Brooklyn, NY and then went on to the University of Connecticut where he competed in varsity track & field specializing in the pole vault.
  • CF is a challenge and a competition… I will beat it as best I can because life is NOT a controlled experience?
  • Jerry states: “I do not have time to sit around with IMPENDING DOOM – go out and experience life and manage your disease?
  • Jerry “exercises for life? and believes that “exercise can slow down the progression of the disease?
  • Jerry believes in being pro-active with his health and is very involved in NUTRITION including: I.V. vitamin drips, “lot’s of vitamins and juicing? and of course “exercise?
  • Listed for a double lung transplant at NEW YORK PRESBYTERIAN and also seen at UNIVERSITY of NORTH CAROLINA at CHAPEL HILL – Jerry is very happy with his TEAM of doctors.
  • Maggie asked Jerry what keeps him going…? “A passion for life and being involved with people, watching people grow and most important giving of yourself – not materialistic things.
  • Jerry states: “I have my FULL METAL JACKET on and am ready for the transplant…!