Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 27: Charlotte Reardon Interview

Jerry Cahill interviews Charlotte Reardon and states “ I enjoyed meeting Charlotte – she is a selfless young woman that is full of passion and hope?

Charlotte is 20 years old with cystic fibrosis and is Living, Breathing and Running to stay healthy. Currently attending the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY and studying psychology in Austria for the spring semester.

1. Charlotte grew up in Olney, Maryland and was diagnosed at 2 weeks of age and has 3 sisters.
2. In the hospital a lot for iv antibiotic therapy during grade school, Charlotte also had a feeding tube inserted in 7th grade.
3. After some of her CF clinic friends died – Charlotte decided to “take control of her disease?
4. “Exercise is my main form of therapy? states Charlotte.
5. Ms. Reardon attributes her success to her father, John Reardon, who first pushed her into running.
6. “In all honesty I’m kind of in denial,? states Charlotte. “I like to think of myself as someone who’s healthy. I have CF, but at the same time I am determined to do anything I want to do?
7. “CF is a cross in life but it made me tough!? states Charlotte.
8. Charlotte believes “Doctors need to stress exercise to their CF patients and everyone with CF needs to get out there and do something?
9. ‘Breathing [while running] is harder for me than it is for other people, Reardon said. But the more running I do, the easier I can breathe and the better I feel.?
10. Charlotte’s advice to others with CF “Don’t let it stop you – just get out there and live!?