Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 32: Jennifer Davison Interview


Jerry Cahill interviews Jennifer Davison who is 37 years old and living strong, succeeding and NOT letting cystic fibrosis get in her way. Jennifer grew up in Long Island, New York and is a registered nurse at Long Island Jewish/North Shore Medical Center.

1. Jennifer is one of 9 children, 3 with CF.
2. Jennifer attended Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and after working in the fashion industry decided to focus her career in the health field of nursing
3. Married to Tim and with a beautiful daughter – Dara – Jennifer “juggles 3 jobs – career, family, and health?
“I was treated NORMAL growing up – with a big family there was no time to feeling sorry for yourself? states
4. Jennifer “we just got off our butt and lived?
5. Jennifer’s first hospitalization came at age 17 years old.
6. “Being active is the key to good quality of life – I ski, play racquetball and ride my bike? states Jennifer.
7. Jennifer states: “CF is part of who I am but does not define me?
8. “CF does NOT stop me from living – I just get out there and LIVE?
9. Jennifer recommends that ALL people with CF should “get up at out and enjoy life and do not put restrictions on yourself?