Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 59: Justin Carlson, Transitioning from High School to College – The Next Step

With the help of today’s therapies, cystic fibrosis (CF) patients are now living longer and achieving more than ever before. Pulmonary treatments are enabling adults with CF to pursue their dreams by entering college and the career world.

“Justin Carlson, Transitioning from High School to College – The Next Step to Success,? features Justin Carlson, an 18-year-old young man with CF. Justin talks about becoming independent and dealing with doctor’s appointments, CF therapies, going away to college vs. commuting, and the importance of compliancy on a daily basis. Justin believes in the importance of the “doctor/patient relationship? and “taking control of your CF.?

Key messages in the Podcast include:

  • Taking control of your CF and not letting it catch up on you, even when you don’t feel sick, is crucial for a good quality of life.
  • Developing a strong relationship and communicating with your doctor and health care team, at an early age enhances your independence.
  • Time-management and “practiced independence and confidence? help prepare individuals with CF for college and the real world.
  • The keys to staying healthy are compliance to medications, therapies, exercise, and good nutrition.
  • Parents should give their child with CF “reminders? regarding therapy, and instill independence in them at an early age.
  • Parents should encourage their child to spend separate one-on-one “quality? time with their doctor.* This Podcast is made possible through and unrestricted educational grant from Genentech to The Boomer Esiason Foundation.