Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 67: CF, College Life, Sports, and Compliance – Sean Bourgeois is Passionate

Sean Bourgeois, 19 years old with cystic fibrosis (CF) is playing junior hockey and attending University of Phoenix “online” while he pursues his dreams of playing hockey for the NHL.
– Sean was diagnosed at age 4 and resides in Maine with his family.
– “My father got me involved in sports and hockey because he thought it would help my lungs and it’s been the best thing for me” states Sean.
– “Living with CF has NOT prevented me from doing things in life” states Sean “CF is not going to stop me from reaching my goals”.
– “The hardest thing about growing up with CF is the treatments… but I have to do them so I can play hockey and spend time with my family and friends.
– Sean’s biggest role models have been his parents, “They are always there for me and they have gone above and beyond” states Sean.
– Regarding college life and being independent… “I am ready to be responsible because I have a lot of BIG goals” states Sean.
– “ I want to be the first person with CF to play professional hockey in the NHL…”
This “LIVING. BREATHING. SUCCEEDING.” Podcast/Vodcast series is the 6th of 12 made possible through and unrestricted educational grant from Genentech to The Boomer Esiason Foundation.