Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 68: Med Systems Percussor 5000 – Airway Clearance Focused, Effective, and Easy

Jim Davis launched Med Systems in 1976 after a very successful career designing life support systems. Jim, an M.I.T. graduate and accomplished engineer launched the Electro Flo 5000 percussor for home use, allowing patients to add a valuable tool to their toolbox of treatment options.
– The Electro Flo 5000 percussor took 5 years to develop and is an electronically operated jackhammer intended for chest vibration/airway clearance.
– The percussor is easy to use, weighs on 6 lbs, perfect for travel, and as Jim states: “Great for going on vacation or the college dorm room”.
– The percussor is self-administered and you can customize your chest pt treatments, adjust speed and power and focus on each individual lobe.
– Jim states: “The Electro Flo 5000 gives patients great lung clearance from the true percussor action and is more effective than just vibration.
– The percussor costs approximately $2,500; you need a prescription, and can be submitted to insurance.
– For more information call Sharon Johnson at 800-345-9061
– Website: