Own Your Feeding Tube with Gunnar Esiason: Episode 1

The First Day Home With A Feeding Tube

In the first episode of the Own Your Feeding Tube video podcast series, this “How-To” video will show how I am able to use my feeding tube in different situations. I cover two different types of “feeds,” bolus feeds and nocturnal pump feeds. Bolus feeds are quick and easy and can get me as much as 750 calories in just a few minutes. My nocturnal feeds typically run for about 7 hours and give me anywhere from 1500-2500 calories depending on how much formula I use.

I also discuss how the feeding tube system is undergoing a change to the ENfit connector system. The current ENfit transitional set has been introduced and has created many questions for tube feeders. In 2016, feeding tubes and their accompanying pieces will complete the total transition to the ENfit connector system, which is designed to improve patient safety. Hopefully this video can help answer some of those questions.

This video podcast/vodcast was made possible through an unrestricted educational grant from Nestle Health Science.