Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 17: Dylan Mortimer, at 25

Dylan Mortimer, at 25 “Keeps the Faith”,in Battling CF and Focuses on Being an Artist and Graduate School

Jerry Cahill interviews Dylan Mortimer

* Diagnosed at 6 months of age in St. Louis
* Dylan also has a 23 year old brother with cystic fibrosis
* Growing up Dylan had a cough and was not hospitalized for a “tune up” until age 17.
* Dylan exercises at a gym doing the treadmill and weight training
* Dylan moved to NYC about a year ago and is attending the School of Visual Arts Graduate School and got married in May 2005
A newlywed Dylan believes “Love transcends all, even cystic fibrosis”
* “Although living with CF brings a lot more baggage and weighs you down, it makes you appreciate life “states Dylan.
* Dylan states: “My Faith in God helps me accept CF and gives me the energy to fight the battle”