Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 240: Living Beyond 60-Years-Old with CF

“I think that’s important for people in life – to help you move forward and be successful – is to be passionate.”

Jerry Cahill was diagnosed at 10-years-old at a time when doctors told his parents that he most likely wouldn’t see his teenage years. Instead of treating him like he would break, his parents sent him out to play with his sibling – 4 brothers and a sister – as much as he could. From baseball to basketball to football, Jerry tried it all until he found his place in the cross country and pole vaulting worlds.

As he got older, Jerry discovered that having passion for something and being comfortable with reinventing himself would lead to personal and professional success – with his health, his career, and his time as a pole vault athlete and coach.

Tune in to learn more about Jerry and why he attributes his health and age to his ability to keep moving forward.


This video podcast was made possible with financial support from Mylan Pharmaceutical.