Cystic Fibrosis Podcast 29: iPod Video- Exercise For Life

Jerry Cahill, 49 with cystic fibrosis, discusses the importance of exercise and explains the “gadgets? he uses while jogging.

1. “The single most important therapy in my life that keeps me healthy is exercise? states Jerry

2. Jerry believes that being outdoors in the fresh air is much better than being locked inside on a treadmill

3. “I try to exercise outdoors even when I am on IV antibiotics as it helps clear out my congestion?
Jerry jogs with a small oxygen tank, prescribed by his doctor due to shortness of breath. I use a “camelbak? backpack that is normally used by bikers for hydration.

4. “I believe in training smart so I use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor to time my walking/jogging and keep track of my heart rate and exercise training zones.

5. “When I exercise I need to wear an oximeter that measures the oxygen saturation in your blood since my oxygen levels sometimes drop below 90%. The oximeter (WristOx 3100) keeps me in check so I do not hurt myself and get the full benefit of exercising my lungs, which are muscles and need to be worked?

6. “I have been exercising and jogging since I was 9 years old and it has improved my quality of life living with CF. I believe everyone with CF can and should do some form of exercise daily – even if you start with walking and build up to jogging…?